The Submersion

A seven day submersion ritual in three parts.



- … Our seasick limbs stumbles into a last waltz, overboard, under the surface, there the submersion begins …



1.The Scene

A backdrop displaying the maritime signal flag DV (”I’m Drifting”) hangs from the ceiling.

The publication The Submersion is presented on a draped table next to the backdrop. The publication consists of texts written by all participating artists in the "Mare Liberum project" printed on weatherproof map-paper.




















2.The Fold

On the opening of the exhibition, GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ performed a folding-ritual of the DV- I’m Drifting flag. The flag was folded into a triangular shape similar to the navy’s flag folding ceremony on the last day of retreat. The folding was repeated over and over again as a durational performance.




















3.The Waltz

On the third day of the exhibition, a quartet performed The Submersion Waltz composed by GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ.

The musicians repeated the composition for five hours.


















2015 Research Week Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Excerpts from performance. 8:42 min