Thin Man

Braunschweig PROJECTS 2017

Photo: Gideon Hoja

In this collaborative performance, Nanna Nordström and Gideonsson Londré explores the vertical as a new way of thinking and acting. In a choreographed sequence objects are dragged and displayed, lifted from their horizontal state.


A paper press, a cabbage head, a tube held together by clay sausage, a toilet stool and a pair of shoes lies on five different latex sheets.

The performer steps into the latex and starts to slowly drag it across the floor, stretching it by the weight of the object. The latex and the object are also displayed vertically in a mirror balanced on the performers back, with the help of a book ("The Thin Man").

The performer walks to the opposing wall of the space, where he kneels down, displaying the object on the latex in the mirror. After a while he leaves the latex and walks back to get the next one. When all the latex sheets are dragged, stretched and displayed, he hangs the mirror on the opposite wall, balancing it once again with the book, mirroring the objects on the floor.