Through long-lasting processes, the artist duo Gideonsson/Londré search for a dissolved state in-between paralysation and ecstasy. Their practice involves performances, installations and interventions that consist of highly regulated everyday activities, in relation to different experiences of time. 

How changes in rhythms and time flows open up for other positions and temporary detachments from established ideas about subjectivity.


In their recent work, they try to trace time divisions in physical inclinations and how daily body positions influence in what way different activities are performed. Through different performative structures they seek to follow the inclined body as a guiding thread to rediscover forgotten parts of our biological past.

They are also running Konstfrämjandet Jämtland together with Christina Langert and Ola Fransson. In the project ”The natural Contract” they explore alternative relations to the landscape outside a protectionist, capitalist or nationalist discourse. It concerns a landscape we live in and that we share with others.

Gideonsson/Londré live and work in Kallrör, Sweden, and received an MFA from The Royal Institute of Art in 2014.