The 17th positions of the wall


In relation to their six-month residency stay at the Iaspis program, The Swedish Art Council, GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ created a movable wall that separated their working situation in the studio. They each had one opportunity to rotate the wall each working day and with each move they marked the wall’s position on a blueprint of the residency building. The one who moved the wall wrote about the reasons for the move and the other one wrote about being effected by the new position. From this material a durational performance was developed that took place on the final day of the residency period. GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ then repeated all the previous positions of the wall and also read the texts that accompanied each position out loud. This activity was repeated over and over again during the entire day. 

2015 Iaspis, Open House, Stockholm

Photo: Jean Baptiste Béranger