A performative reading based on a text by Gideonsson Londré for the magazine OEI’s issue ”Berg och infrastruktur” (Mountains and infrastructure).

A table with two carved limestones, a soda streamer and a text. The performance began with G&L carbonating water and filling up the limestones. They both removed one sock and one shoe and then one of them stuck their head, and the other their foot, in the carbonated water. The person with the foot in the carbonated water started to read until the person with their head under the water was out of breath. Then they switched, and changed body part, from head to foot and from foot to head, while the reading proceeded. This went on until the text was finished.

The Death Zone (from ditch to summit)

2017 OEI release Berg och Infrastruktur, Rutiga golvet, Stockholm

Photo: Cecilia Grönberg