Thin Man

The collaborative work between Gideonsson Londré and sculptor Nanna Nordström meander between sculptural installations and different kinds of performances. Objects and words are being passed on as a way of exploring how different compositions emerges in relation to their different practices.

A part of a cane, a bone, a french etching, powder blue sport clothes, a gun, money, cellophane, a belt buckle, a newspaper, a telephone, a nail, a 32-calibre bullet and twelve latex sheets.

In a choreography based on a performative reading of the detective novel “The Thin Man”, objects are dragged and displayed thru  a mirror balanced (with the help of the book) on  the back of one of the performers. Another copy of the book is also placed on the other ones´ chest, and is read thru a mirror. The objects refer to the spoken narrative and, together with the latex sheets, they are composed within the space as the story unfolds throughout the reading.

A paper press, a cabbage head, a tube held together by clay sausage, a toilet stool and a pair of shoes lies on five different latex sheets. The performer steps into the latex and starts to slowly drag it across the floor, stretching it by the weight of the object.

NU Performance Festival 2018, Tallinn

Photo: Kristo Sild

Braunschweig PROJECTS 2017

Photo: Gideon Hoja