The installation was developed during the exhibition's movement from Portland, Reykjavik to Umeå, and in each new location G/L, together with local groups, have allowed different physical narratives to emerge using a game board and small vault-shaped objects. In the sessions, different bodily traces have been evoked, as remnants of previous generations and existences. These stories were then transformed into performances: in Reykjavik, three circus artists acted out various extreme inclinations using the sculptures. At Bildmuseet in Umeå, the installation was rearranged and the small objects used by the participants became the basis for five different narratives that G/L performed in small groups. Through the objects, G/L were able to put the stories together by moving between the different symbols and sharing them with new recipients.

Ner till Norr 2023 Bildmuseet, Umeå

Photo: Gideonsson/Londré

Down North 2022, Reykjavik Art Museum