A collaborative project with artists David Larsson and Hanna Ljung.

Based on Wolfgang Engelmann's chronobiological experiments with lithium in the 70s, G/L works with different implications of a "Lithium Time". Engelmann found during his experiments that lithium extends the day up to a 28-hour cycle. The Lithium Festival was held on Utö, the site of the element's discovery, and all events during the festival had to be synchronized according to a 28-hour day. G/L installed a clock during the festival which they set back a few minutes every hour to adjust the time to 'lithium time'. At each reset, they read a line from the 28-line manifesto, which describes different changes in our living conditions in lithium time.

2022 Litiumfestivalen, Utö

2022 G/Ls sleeping lab/studio

2024 Litiumfestivalen, Skellefteå