Dom vet inte vad dom gör

DOM VET INTE VAD DOM GÖR / For they know not what they do

The starting point of the exhibition was Gideonsson/Londré's collection of body positions over a year together and different formations in wood referred to as “arcs”, where each piece acts as a support for the other. The installations showed various sculptural elements that were used as performative tools: a number of neck collars and a length gauge that stretched all the way up to the ceiling.

Crouched body positions, balancing acts and frozen movements suggested the inclined body instead of the upright.How writing shapes the body in different ways and the need to bend in order to write.

The exhibition was sometimes inhabited by the actor Gabriella Boris who came and performed various tasks in relation to the sculptures. She demonstrated their influence on her voice and implied various forms of physical inclination and decay.

A catalog was produced for the exhibition, including a collection of other artists' body positions as well as texts by Ingrid Furre, Dimen Abdulla, Max Ockborn, Simon Skuteli.

2023 Konstakademin, Stockholm