De vattensjuka consist of two parallel texts which resonate about human's changed existence in a wetland era. In a publication, designed by Nathalie Ruejas Johnson, we encounter a wetness that loosens up and interweave the given conditions for the understanding of being human. The text resides in a landscape where moisture penetrates from all directions. In an indeterminate place, at an unclear time, the experience of being a body wishing for, but failing to, resist degradation is portrayed.

De vattensjuka is presented installed in a mini bar that keeps the text dry and cold, a microclimate of its own that is part of Gideonsson/Londré's ongoing work with various forms of conservation, where moisture is treated as an invasive element. The work was created as part of Art Lab Gnesta's collaboration with the research network Earth CoLab in the project Swamp Storytelling.

De vattensjuka / The waterlogged

2019 Art Lab Gnesta