Betingad rörelse

BETINGAD RÖRELSE / Conditioned movement

Exhibition and installation curated together with Andreas Nilsson/Moderna Museet Malmö.


Conditioned Movement was an exhibition made in collaboration with curator Andreas Nilsson around the Modern Museum collection. The selection from the collection was based on various gestures and movements as formal aspects of the works, but also as part of the underlying artistic processes. How works of art can act as extensions towards different time spaces, from everyday routines to more utopian projects.

Along with the selection from the collection, parts from the G/L installation "Tanned Head, pickled feets" were also presented. The work is based on the recreation of the preservation process of the bog body Tollundmannen which transformed the body into a stabilized "object" in a museum context. In a site-specific adaptation, five of the brass vessels were presented, with traces of the different tanning acid used in the conservation of the bog body.

The exhibition featured works by:

Gianfranco Baruchello, Hans Bellmer, Nina Canell, Lygia Clark, Cecilia Edefalk, Roger Fenton, Simone Forti, Axel Fridell, Gideonsson/Londré, Hans Hammarskiöld, Susan Hefuna, Susan Hiller, Rebecca Horn, Åke Karlung, Lee Lozano, René Magritte, Mark Manders, Katja Novitskova, Claes Oldenburg, Klaus Rinke, Lenke Rothman, Wolfgang Tillmans.

2022 Moderna museet Malmö

Photo: Helen Toresdotter