Public commission for Nya Regionens hus, Gothenburg.

In collaboration with the time and frequency department at RISE (Research Institute of Sweden).

The Atomic Clock house is a three-part installation based on the interval of an atomic second. The installation is triggered by a signal from NTP-servers at RISEs that is translated into the vibration of seven objects and thru a 14-channel sound work.

The seven objects ( a comb, a stone, a salt shaker, a pen sharpener, a matchstick, a glass of water and a notebook) vibrates in the interval of an atomic second. They all in some way reference a history of time measuring, and allow the vibration of the atomic second is materialized different thru the different properties of the objects.

In relation to them there is a sound installation in the fourteen floor staircase, where the names of the objects can be heard spoken in the rhythm of the atomic second, one word for each floor. The sound wanders vertically back and forth thru the staircase, transmitted through brass fronted speakers on the windows.

In the entrance of the building a brass sign shows a graphic interpretation of the building and its imagined function as an atomic clock. The sign informs about the background of the work and the collaboration with RISE.

Atomklockhuset / The atomic clockhouse

2019 Nya regionens hus, Gothenburg