Km of Sculpture - The Visitors, Võru, Estonia 2015

In the town of Võru, GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ have placed five modest clockworks in different public venues – the museum,

the bus station, a gas station and a local bank office. To function, the clockworks need to be winded up each day. After the opening,

GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ will hand over this task to the people working in the different venues, who will wind up the clocks daily for the

rest of the exhibition period for 23 days. This added repetitive moment raises awareness to both invisible labour and the different attitudes in connection to an activity that needs to be performed.

            Photo: Lotten Pålsson

Grant recipients 2014: Maria Bonnier Dahlins Foundation, Bonniers Konsthall

Two clockworks and performance.

The daily duty of winding up the clockworks was handed over to the staff at Bonniers Konsthall.

They were instructed to keep the clockworks going for the whole exhibition period between 30th of November – 21st of December.

    Photo: Per Kristiansen