The Hour of the Wolf

The Hour of the Wolf

The concept of ”The Hour of the wolf” describes a state that takes place approximately between 3 am and 5 am. During the ”Hour of the wolf” the body temperature drops, the metabolism slows down and the production of melatonin peaks.

For several years, Gideonsson/Londré have examined how our prehistoric internal clock works during the early morning hours. Based on these experiments they developed a performative structure based on certain “triggers” experienced in their previous investigations (the monotonous rhythms, the weight and lightness in certain body parts, the slowness, the cold, the unwillingness to activate oneself (perform).

With the help of metronomes set on different speeds the performance was divided into different time zones and the participants was dragged on blankets in a state of sustained inactivity. The performance lasted for 26 hours and the participants could enter the sequence at any time.

Documentation of The Hours of the Wolf by Alexandra Laudo [Heroínas de la Cultura]

Text and voice: Alexandra Laudo

Video edition: Pedro Torres

Voice recording: Hangar - Centre de producció i recerca d'art visuals.

2016 Andquestionmark (Stefanie Hessler & Carsten Höller), Stockholm

Photo: Nayab Ikram